About ToolKid

ToolKid was developed in the Netherlands by EDGE / Ergonomisch Didactisch Gereedschap (= ergonomic didactic tools), now ToolKid BV. EDGE means high-quality professional hand tools for children.




The driving force behind EDGE are Jos van Vliet and Lise Geers, a duo perfectly combining two somewhat disparate worlds. Lise’s background is as an art therapist, whilst Jos comes from the field of product development and production.

ToolKid came about through practical experience. The initial stimulus for its development came from an ergo therapist’s need for tools genuinely suited for use by a child, this in connection with providing support to a child of six with his motoric development.

She asks him to saw a board with a ‘shortened saw for grownups.’ But the handle is much too large for him to hold it with his little hands, and it is also great effort for him to make a sawing motion. And so begins the quest of Jos van de Vliet – the boy’s father – for  professional hand tools for children. A quest that is ultimately fruitless, even when he continues his search abroad. He is confronted with a complete dearth of tools suited to the needs of children. In turn, market research reveals an immense need in the educational field for good tools for children. And so, the idea is born, together with Lise Geers, to develop them himself.

Jos and Lise began developing ToolKid a few years ago. The essential inspiration for the project came from the fact that primary-school teachers had a great need for tools that were both ergonomic and safe for use in the highly important area of industrial arts instruction for young children. From the standpoint of child development, it is of primary importance to stimulate children’s creativity and motor functions, to teach them how to work with tools and to narrow the gap between this level and possible subsequent vocational training.

screwdriver     Handsaw Type 1 with sawguide 1

In developing ToolKid, thorough account was taken of everyday educational reality, and simplifying the work of teachers and/or supervisors was an important objective. If children are able to work independently and in safety, more children can in good conscience be assigned to one supervisor, who is in turn enabled to focus more of his/her attention on giving more content to lessons. He/she no longer needs constantly to divide his/her time between this important task on the one hand, and keeping an eye on the children and helping them out with their fretsaws, etc., on the other. In designing ToolKid, complete account was taken of contemporary educational practice, where children are becoming ever more independent in their activities.

ToolKid is growing. In addition to the Netherlands, it is now marketed in Belgium, Germany, USA and production capacity is sufficient for further expansion. If you are interested in bringing ToolKid to your location, please feel free to contact us using our contact form or via email at the address: info@ToolKid.com.

ToolKid® is a registered trademark of Toolkid BV. All ToolKid designs enjoy patent and model protection.