The ideal tools for kids

Young children enjoy making things themselves – it’s fun, and has educational value as well. It has long been clear that manual dexterity is good for children and that it both promotes the motor functions and stimulates creativity. However, what was missing were tools attuned to the needs and abilities of children: tools that are not too heavy or cumbersomely large, that fit easily in the hand, and – above all – are safe to use.

Picture page The ideal toolToolKid provides the perfect tools for wood crafting, specially designed for children aged from 5 to 12, and perfectly suited to their physical development and motor functions – no miniature versions or imitations of saws, hammers, drills, fretsaws or other tools for grownups, no toys, but rather, the world’s first professional tools for children!

ToolKid’s ergonomic design, weight and proportions make its tools different from all others: tools for children that are easy to use. Because ToolKid tools are entirely child-dedicated, they are suitable for primary-school industrial arts instruction, daycare environments, industrial arts clubs and for children who like to work at home!