The unique selling points of ToolKid

ToolKid is not just a make of tools for children. Due to the following features, it is also unique:

  • Ease of use through ergonomic design
  • Safety: with ‘smart’ aids, children can work in safety
  • Independence: the instructions are all you and your child need
  • Educational value: it enables children to acquire technical skills early in life
  • Affordable and of high quality

Ergonomic design
ToolKid came about through practical experience and a step-by-step process of development. It is a comprehensive set of tools, entirely attuned to the physical development and motor functions of children, and not a set of miniature versions or imitations of saws, hammers, drills, fretsaws or other tools for grownups. It was borne of a long process, involving the devising of prototypes, subjecting these to practical testing by scientists, educational professionals and, naturally, children themselves, and, in turn, making the requisite improvements, running new tests and, ultimately: initiating production. The result is a set of extraordinary tools which fulfil every ergonomic requirement and are 100% attuned to being used by young children.

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In creating ToolKid, enabling children to work with hand tools in safety was priority number one. Today’s children like working autonomously, making their own discoveries and making things of their own design. Is this possible with ToolKid? Our starting point was that that supervising children working with tools is necessary, as it is an activity that is never entirely free of risks. ToolKid has made safety its highest priority, and not only fulfils the highest of safety requirements, but also includes smart technical aids that give children added help with their work and which at the same time prevent potential small accidents. For example, the set includes an extremely handy saw guide, an utterly simple, but highly efficient nail holder, and, naturally, a pair of safety glasses. With regard to safety, ToolKid sets the norm.

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With ToolKid, children are able to work independently: making their own discoveries, making their own things. That is indeed the spirit of education today, and not in the last place where industrial arts are concerned. Where children can work independently and with safety, they are much more able to enjoy what they are doing. In contrast, in situations where they keep needing to ask for help, the fun soon wears off, and their teacher has no time left to do what is especially expected of him/her, namely to teach lessons. At home, as well, ToolKid enables children to work independently, in a correct and safe manner, with their parents’ role reduced to hardly more than an occasional glance from time to time.

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Educational value
ToolKid will help you to promote your children’s development. In a manner that is simple and natural for them, ToolKid enables you to help your children develop their manual dexterity and stimulate their creativity. And acquiring such skills as sawing and hammering at an early age serves as a useful basis for further (industrial arts) development. Children get a feel for wood crafting with tools, become good at it and also acquire an important grounding in technology and technological applications. And should they opt for vocational training later on, this will give them a solid head start. In any case, the switch from ToolKid to tools for grownups is by no means great – the one starts where the other leaves off.

Affordable quality
As one would expect, where tools for children are concerned: the ToolKid tool set is of the highest possible quality. Nevertheless, it is surprisingly affordable.