ToolKid focuses on children


“Tools for grownups are not suited to children: a normal-sized drill is hardly handle-able and a saw much too large. And with a grownup’s hammer they rarely manage to hit a nail on the head.”

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When young children make things from wood, they need tools with which they can work easily, independently and safely. ToolKid tools are designed entirely with children of various ages in mind: both boys and girls, both left- and right-handed. In developing them, the point of departure was not modifying tools for adults, but rather, creating tools just for kids.

Picture page Focus on children (3)ToolKid’s ergonomic design, weight and proportions make these tools easy to use and perfectly attuned to the physical and motor abilities of children. But in addition to being perfectly attuned to a child’s development, ToolKid also contributes substantially to their development. Wood crafting with ToolKid promotes the coordination and control of movements in the areas of both the fine and coarse motor functions, as well as eye/hand coordination.

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