ToolKid successfull on Eisenwarenmesse

ToolKid op de Eisenwarenmesse1The introduction of ToolKid on the ‘Eisenwarenmesse’ in Cologne was a success. Professionals from all over the world see the added value of ToolKid to complement the range.

Apart from ease of use and security, they call as a plus that children get to know professional tools at an early age. Together with parents and grandparents they can practice. Once mature, they already have experience with good and safe tools, and will therefore find the way to dealers effortlessly.

The ‘Eisenwarenmesse’ in Cologne was from 9 till 12 March. It is the largest international trade fair for the hardware-industry, with visitors from about 50 countries. The words of praise for ToolKid therefore came from all over the world in many different languages.

ToolKid was even the sparkling center of a broadcast of the German morning program Volle Kanne (item ToolKid starts at 2:15, no subtitling).