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A lot of things have changed since 2020. That also holds true for ToolKid. For two years now, we have been keeping in touch with our suppliers in China from a distance. This can be quite difficult. But we have been building a relationship of mutual trust for several years now, and together we can face the problems with regard to production and logistics caused by the Corona crisis. So that we can keep our supply on track as much as possible.

The impact of the Corona crisis

Unfortunately, there is no way for us to make sure that our stock is replenished on time. Our suppliers also struggle with waiting periods for the delivery of the materials they need to produce our items. The time required for production has tripled – and then there’s the issue of transport to the Netherlands.

So it’s possible that the tools that you want to buy for your kid are not in stock. And for the record, the fact that our beautiful children’s tools have become so popular is also part of the reason! Over the past few months, a lot of parents have already made their kids happy;-)

Get notified when the item you want is back in stock

But don’t worry, we are making every effort to have our items available again soon. If you click on an item that is not in stock right now, you can activate a so-called ‘alert’. You will then receive an email when the item is back in stock.



And in the meantime, your kid can still get creative!

Because thanks to the tireless efforts of our suppliers, many of our items are in stock.


Especially for you and your kid, we have put together a few fun sets that we can deliver right away. Tools that will help your kid learn the ropes in no time! And with a big discount too!

Children like carpentry. Even toddlers play with small hammers. Hammering stimulates the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination of your child. The ToolKid hammers have the perfect weight and dimensions for kids’ hands. On top of that the handle has a perfect grip, so that your child will be able to hold the hammer easily. With the nail holder your kid won’t hit their own fingers, and the nail will be more visible. This increases the chance of hitting the nail on its head!

Do you also give your child the pleasure of ‘making-it-yourself’?

Check out the sets included in this offer below.

  • Sale! Gereedschapset voor kinderen, 16-delig (SKU 101278)

    ToolKid Toolset for children, 16-piece

    • Small size for children’s hands
    • Safe carpentry
    • Easy to use
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  • Sale! Timmerset voor kinderen 13-delig (SKU 101227)

    ToolKid Children’s carpentry set, 13-piece

    • Small size for children’s hands
    • Safe carpentry
    • Easy to use
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  • Sale!

    ToolKid Children’s carpentry set, 11-piece

    • Small size for children’s hands
    • Safe carpentry
    • Easy to use
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  • Sale! Timmerset voor kinderen, 9-delig (SKU 101225)

    ToolKid Children’s carpentry set, 9-piece

    • Small size for children’s hands
    • Safe carpentry
    • Easy to use
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  • Sale! Timmerset voor kinderen, 5 -delig (SKU 101223)

    ToolKid Children’s carpentry set, 5-piece

    • Handles with firm grip
    • Super handy nail holder
    • Practical magnetic tray
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