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Fretsawing is a fun activity, and good for the development of fine motor skills too. In practice, it turned out that children have trouble with the brace getting in the way. And the saw kept turning in all directions when they held it. Putting in the little saws was also a problem: they couldn’t do it themselves, or the saw would be too loose, or too tight. A lot of hassle, and that’s no fun. ToolKid makes fretsawing fun for children again, no brace getting in the way, good grip, and they can even put the saws in themselves, with the practical fretsaw tensioner!

  • Figuurzaag voor kinderen met ergonomisch gevormde beugel en goede grip

    ToolKid fretsaw

    • No clamp that gets in the way
    • Good coordination and steering
    • Blades easy to insert and fix
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  • Figuurzaagplankje inclusief klem voor kinderen

    ToolKid fretsawboard with clamp

    • Easy to mount
    • Large work surface
    • Perfect quality FSC wood
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  • Figuurzaagspanner voor zelf inzetten van zaagjes

    ToolKid fretsaw tensioner for changing fretsaw blades

    • Easy to do it yourself
    • Gives the right tension right away
    • Blades break less quickly
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  • Figuurzaagset voor kinderen met ergonomische figuurzaag, plankje met klem en figuurzaagspanner voor het inklemmen van zaagjes

    ToolKid complete fretsaw set

    • Ergonomically shaped tube
    • Better grip and steering of the saw
    • Easy way to insert blades without help
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