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In practice, it turned out that children think sanding is an annoying task. Struggling with loose sanding paper around a cork square, splinters in their knuckles when they scrape over the wood….something had to change. The ToolKid sanding block with its ergonomic shape will provide the perfect grip for your kid, and the sanding paper will stay in place. Now your kid can have fun making their wood all smooth!





  • Schuurblok voor kinderen, ergonomisch en lichtgewicht

    ToolKid sanding block

    • Lightweight
    • Good grip
    • Sandpaper with Velcro
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  • Schuurpapierset: P120, P180 en P240 voor het ToolKid schuurblok

    Sandpaper for the ToolKid sanding block

    • Different grit sizes
    • Extra corner pieces
    • Easy to attach
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  • Lichtgewicht schuurblok met softgrip voor kinderen met schuurpapierset

    ToolKid sanding block with set of sandpaper

    • Soft grip sanding block
    • Ergonomic and lightweight
    • Sandpaper with Velcro
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