ToolKid in primary education

As a teacher in primary education, you are facing a tremendous yet wonderful challenge every single day: you are the one who can provide children with the knowledge and skills they need for the future. Of course, you have to follow certain guidelines set by the government, which is probably not an issue as you know what you’re doing, and you’re trained to do it.


The new requirement: compulsory technical lessons in primary education


But does this also apply when it comes to technical education? For many primary schools there is a guideline to offer structural technology lessons. The shortage of technically trained professionals has to be reduced at the base by investing in technical development at an early stage.


This means, however, that you, as a teacher, will or perhaps already face an additional challenge: immersing children in the world of technology. But because the emphasis in primary education – and thus during your own professional training as well – has been mainly focusing on stimulating the cognitive development of children, you are probably at a disadvantage in this respect.


Having the right tools

ToolKid gladly offers you a helping hand. With our tools, children easily learn technical skills at a young age by using safe tools that kids from the age of 5 can already work with independently. Our tools are no imitations or diminutive forms of tools for grown-ups: their ergonomic design, their weight and sizes make ToolKid unique. We offer a safe tool set specially made for children: easy to use and attuned to their physical and motor development.


We like to stand by you and help you, as a teacher, opening up the world of technology to your pupils. Because wouldn’t it be wonderful to see your class discover their own talents in this field as well?