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The joy of making something yourself

Children like to make things themselves. “Do-it-yourself”, just like adults, only with their own tools. This is possible with ToolKid. Real tools, not ‘in a smaller size’ but especially made to be used by children. Practical and 100% safe to work with. They comply with the applicable European safety standard.

With the tools from ToolKid, your child can learn in a playful way how fun it is to make something with their own hands. Something they may never have imagined before. For example, your child will learn how to hit a nail so that it goes straight into the wood, simply by trying and practicing. Or that you sometimes have to improvise, if you don’t succeed right away. Along the way, your child will learn how things work. And they will proudly show you everything they’ve made by themselves. Let your child experience the fun of making something with their own hands. And doing things by themselves. With ToolKid children’s tools.

Why do I choose ToolKid?

‘Do it myself!’ with real children’s tools, safe and perfect for small hands!

Maybe you have been looking for good tools for your son or daughter for a while. Not toys, but real tools, that they can use to make something. But how do you find the right tools? Tools that aren’t too big, too heavy or too impractical?
But are suitable for children’s hands?

Children think of all kinds of things they want to make. And when they see you working on do-it-yourself chores, they will want to do that too. So you go looking for children’s tools. But it’s difficult to find out which tools are suitable for them. Everything looks nice, but there’s a high chance that you will choose a toy hammer, that will break as soon as it hits the first nail. Or that the saw you bought will be lying in a corner somewhere, because your child cannot do anything with it. Giving them your own drilling machine or screwdriver is also not such a good idea. Your child won’t be able to hold these tools properly, and may get hurt. Or maybe you just don’t want them to work with your tools.

The tools from ToolKid are perfect for the hands and motor skills of children. Because of their shape, weight and dimensions, they are simple and safe for your child to use. This way, they can drill, saw, screw and hammer, and work together with you. This is the perfect way to give your child the joy and freedom they need to discover the world in a playful way.

In short: ToolKid is a responsible investment in good children’s tools, which can be used again and again. The tools will last for years, and keep their value. Because children have so much imagination, that they will always have new ideas for something to make.

So why wait?

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What our customers say….

”ToolKid is a wonderful product! The tools have been used for years at the Wielewaal primary school. With ToolKid, our students from groups 1 to 8 have the right tools for Research and Design-based learning 2.0.”

Ans Repko, Schagen (technology teacher)

“ToolKid tools give children autonomy. The end products of the students got much better quality and the fun with which it was created was great! Thanks Toolkid. Thank you for taking children seriously ”.

J. Leferink, Hilversum (teacher group 8 ps Kindercampus

“Our children are proud of their ToolKid. Really, that tool bag, we take it everywhere. Even on vacation – to saw branches for a cabin or a raft, everything they come up with … I can’t imagine life without that bag of tools (and, yes, as parents we also use them occasionally: quite handy  ;)”. Wit-Bergsma, Amsterdam

“Our son Maik is very happy with his gift:  ‘now I can help dad to build my own workbench!’ He asked for real tools for his 6th birthday. I chose ToolKid because the tools are not too big and too heavy and of course of outstanding quality. ”

Miranda Annen, Hoogeveen