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Children like carpentry. Even toddlers play with small hammers. Hammering stimulates the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination of your child. The ToolKid hammers have the perfect weight and dimensions for kids’ hands. On top of that the handle has a perfect grip, so that your child will be able to hold the hammer easily. With the nail holder your kid won’t hit their own fingers, and the nail will be more visible. This increases the chance of hitting the nail.






  • Klauwhamer met ergonomisch gevormd handvat voor kinderen

    ToolKid claw hammer

    • Ergonomic handle
    • Profile for firm grip
    • Lightweight hammer’s head (160 g.)
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  • Bankhamer voor kinderen

    ToolKid machinist’s hammer

    • Lightweight head
    • Good grip
    • Marking on the handle
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  • Spijkerhouder voor veilig timmeren met schuifspelden of een spijker in te klemmen

    ToolKid nail holder with 32 hairpins

    • Easy to use
    • Hairpins for nails
    • Indestructible
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  • Schuifspelden voor de ToolKid spijkerhouder

    ToolKid hairpins for the nailholder (32 pieces)

    • Optimal clamping force
    • Sturdy and robust
    • Fit perfectly into the holder
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  • Nijptang voor kinderen/pincers for kids

    ToolKid™ Pincers for kids

    • Not a lot of strength needed
    • Easy opening and closing
    • Perfect for delicate work
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