Measuring and Marking

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The first experiences of children in working with tools are all about looking and touching. Their natural instinct is to practice by comparing and reorganizing how big or small and long or short things are. This way, they learn to understand the world around them. Length is the most tangible dimension for kids: how tall am I? How big are my feet? Their next step is to measure existing objects, like a table, and taking measurements to saw a board. This way, they can learn the difference between 1 centimeter and 1 meter in a playful way. The ruler will make the difference between straight and curved.



  • rolmaat voor kinderen

    ToolKid measuringtape

    • Learning how to measure while you play
    • Easy and safe
    • Sturdy, flexible measuring tape
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  • Winkelhaak voor kinderen, robuust, stevig en vormvast

    ToolKid carpenter’s square

    • For measuring right angles
    • Marking perpendicular lines
    • Keeps its shape while using it
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  • Set timmermanspotloden klein formaat voor kinderen met speciale puntenslijper

    ToolKid Carpenter’s pencil (set of 4) with sharpener

    • Point that doesn’t break easily
    • Pencil that doesn’t roll away
    • You can sharpen the points yourself
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  • ToolKid meetset

    ToolKid measuring set

    • Measuring tape with soft tape ruler
    • Robust carpenter’s square
    • Small size carpenter’s pencil
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