ToolKid tool set 21 items with fretsaw

A perfect set for precise woodworking!
  • Can be extended to a complete set
  • Innovative and ergonomic
  • Safe for all children


3 year warranty

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Using a fretsaw is great fun if you want to create all kinds of shapes from wood. Children love doing this, and it is an inspirational activity. They can saw their own designs and glue them on a box or create a picture frame. The things you can create with a fretsaw are endless. The bag contains the most essential tools you need to start a project. From measuring and drawing to hammering the final nail into the wood. And the set can always be extended with additional tools!

ToolKid is for children. But this is definitely not a ‘childish’ set. In all aspects, this is a professional and high-quality tool set, similar to quality tools for grown-ups. Real tools that they can use safely when they want to create something. The saw guide and nail holder are an equally ideal and safe tool for grown-ups!

ToolKid tools have an innovative design: the tools are ergonomically 100% attuned to the physical abilities of children, such as a fretsaw tube that doesn’t get in the way when they saw and the fretsaw tensioner which they can use to insert new blades safely by themselves. Or the handle that instantly shows how to hold the hammer.


The 21-pieces tool set for fine woodwork is carefully compiled and consists of:

  1. Toolcase with carrying handle
  2. Measuring tape with flexible tape ruler
  3. Carpenter’s square, stable and bendable
  4. Carpenter’s pencil (4)
  5. Sharpener for carpenter’s pencil
  6. Fretsaw, ergonomic design
  7. Fretsaw board with clamp
  8. Fretsaw tensioner for inserting and fastening the blades*
  9. Sanding block, soft grip
  10. Sanding paper: 5 x P120, P180, and P240 with extra Corner pieces which always wear the quickest
  11. Claw hammer with ergonomic grip
  12. Machinist’s hammer for small nails
  13. Nail holder with hairpins (32 pcs) for clamping a nail*
  14. Screwdriver with ergonomic T-grip, including 6 bits
  15. Magnet tray for nails
  16. Set of 2 lever clamps for kids
  17. Safety goggles with hardened and colored lenses for better contrast
  18. User manual for children. Visually supported with pictures and drawings (digital)


Download the user manual here


Weight: 4,6 kg

Dimensions: 46 x 30 x 25 cm

EAN: 8719689050054

Quality mark: TÜV (Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC; EN71), CE