ToolKid Children’s carpentry set, 14-piece

A fun starter set for young handyman!
  • Small size for children’s hands
  • Safe carpentry
  • Easy to use


3 year warranty

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A cool gift for your kid: their own toolkit for carpentry!

The tools in this set come in handy for DIY kids.  Well begun is half done: the right size is decisive for the outcome. With the measuring tape and carpenter’s square for children as well as the small carpenter’s pencil, your kid can’t go wrong!

Once the preparations have been made, carpentry can be started! The ToolKid hammers are ideal for your child to drive nails into the wood. The ergonomically shaped handles are perfect for small hands and help your child hold the hammer in the right way to make the correct hammering motion. Not only does the tool perfectly match the development of your child in terms of dimensions, the weight of the hammer head has also been adjusted for both children’s hammers. The profile on the handle gives your kid a firm grip.

The 14-piece set consists of:

  • Children’s claw hammer with ergonomic handle
  • Children’s machinist’s hammer with firm grip for small nails
  • Nail holder for safe carpentry
  • Hairpins for the nail holder for clamping a nail (card 32 pieces)
  • Measuring tape with soft tape ruler
  • Robust carpenter’s square
  • Set of 4 small size carpenter’s pencil
  • Sharpener for the carpenter’s pencil
  • Magnetic tray for nails
  • Set of 2 lever clamps for kids
  • Cool safety goggles for kids with protective pouch

The tape measure for children is easy to handle and safe to work with. The steel tape ruler has been replaced by a strong flexible measuring tape. This way your child can’t cut his or her fingers while rolling up the tape.  The carpenter’s square for children is robust and of sturdy quality. The small size carpenter’s pencil is perfect for children’s hands. Kids can sharpen the pencil all by themselves with the special sharpener!

With the claw hammer, your kid can hit nails into the wood and use the claw to pull them out again just as easily. The children’s hammer with firm grip is a machinist’s hammer. This is especially suitable for small nails.

You use the nail holder to clamp a nail. Super practical because your kid won’t hit the fingers! In addition, the nail will be more visible. This increases the chance of hitting the nail on the head!

With nails in the magnetic tray, your kid will always have them within reach and they won’t roll of the table or workbench.

The clamps are very practical for hammering. For example, your kid can use them to wedge two pieces of wood that they want to nail together.

The goggles are so super cool they forget to take them off.

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Weight: 1160 grams

Dimensions: 33 x 26 x 4 cm


Quality mark: TÜV (Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC; EN71), CE