ToolKid™ Set of 2 lever clamps for kids

Easy clamps as a practical way to wedge something quickly!
  • ‘A helping hand’ for do-it-yourself tasks
  • Small size for kids’ hands
  • Quick and easy clamping


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Sometimes you don’t have enough hands during do-it-yourself tasks, and in those cases the lever clamps may come in handy!

New in our range: lever clamps for kids! Sometimes you find yourself in need of a ‘third hand’. When your kid is using a fretsaw, for example. Holding and directing the wood with one hand and sawing with the other hand can be quite tricky. And what might really help would be to clamp the wood on the fretsaw board. Until it has to be moved again, of course.

Sometimes it can be practical to clamp two parts on top of each other, for example if they need to be screwed together. This way, the parts can’t shift out of place. With the small lever clamps, your kid can quickly – and with one hand – wedge what they’re working on in place, and release it just as easily. Ideal for this kind of task.

The clamps are kid-proof, high quality and robust. The distance between the clamps is 120 mm. For bigger jobs, your kid can use a standard screw clamp.


Color: black/red

Weight: 180 grams per set

Dimensions: 21 x 10,5 x 1,5 cm

EAN: 8719689050351

Quality mark: CE