ToolKid™ Set of 2 screw clamps with good grip

New!! Screw clamps (standard), 150 mm, especially for kids
  • Robust quality
  • Handle with good grip
  • Easy sliding


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Screw clamps with good grip, as an ideal addition to your kid’s toolset!

New in our range: set of screw clamps with good grip for your kid! As a logical follow-up to our practical clamps for our saw guide, we now also offer standard screw clamps.  With the same robust quality.

The ToolKid screw clamps have handles with a better grip, so that your kid will be able to tighten and release them more easily. Because of the slightly adjusted angle, the lower clamp will slide up and/or down more easily. So the glue clamps do not just have perfect quality, they are also very simple to use.

Your kid can use the screw clamps as extra support for fixing a piece of wood in place. Sometimes you just need some extra hands, and it can really help to wedge something between clamps if you need to drill a hole or hammer in a nail. Of course, the screw clamps can also be used to glue two pieces of wood together.

The screw clamps also come in handy to clamp board material onto an existing table, if you don’t have a workbench or work table for your kid. This is a practical way of creating a surface for your kid to work on, without your table getting damaged.

The distance between the clamps is 150 mm. For small jobs and extra quick clamping, use the ToolKid lever clamps.


Color: black/red

Weight: 588 grams per set

Dimensions: 21,5 x 8,5 x 2,5 cm

EAN: 8719689050344

Quality mark: CE