ToolKid nail holder with 32 hairpins

Super practical nail holder for safe hammering!
  • Easy to use
  • Hairpins for nails
  • Indestructible


3 year warranty

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NL 60,00
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FR IE AT 85,00

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The ToolKid nail holder is a super practical tool for driving nails into wood safely. Practice shows that many children are apprehensive when they use a hammer for the first time, which distracts them from the activity itself. With the nail holder, they can entirely focus on the hammering skill instead of trying not to hit their fingers. Even young children (toddlers) can learn how to hammer in this way. The knob ensures that the child’s hand is kept at a safe distance from the hammer’s head. The tapered shape visually attracts the focus of the child to the hairpins with the nail. The hairpins are ideal to clamp a nail, keep it straight up and hold it into place. These pins can be easily replaced.

Download the user manual here


Color: black

Weight: 20 grams

Dimensions: 14,5 x 7,5 x 0,1 cm (card with 32 pcs)

EAN: 8719689050221

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